Mercury Retrograde Self-Care Spread on Ko-Fi

Photo by Devon Ellington. Self-Care Oracle Deck by Goddess Provisions.

I’ve been a subscriber to the monthly Goddess Provisions box for several years now, and love it. They’ve sent several terrific tarot and oracle decks over the years, and the Rituals for Self Care deck is one of my favorites. I use it every week.

Because Mercury Retrograde is such a chaotic time, I wanted to pull cards of advice for each week of the retrograde. You can study the entire spread on my Ko-Fi page.


I’ve added a Ko-fi page to play with some flash fiction, tarot, and other things that don’t really fit in all the other categories in which I spend time.

I’ll hope you visit — often.

At this point, all content is open to everyone. At some point, I might move to tiers (which are better than tears, right? Yeah, I’ll see myself out. . .).

I’ll keep you updated!

Newsletter and Other News

The March newsletter went out, which means there was immediately more to share!

If you want information on my stage and radio plays, Pages on Stages is a site in progress, but gives you the vitals.

I will be teaching at the Cape Cod Writers Center Conference this August. It’s virtual, so you can attend from anywhere. As soon as I have the registration link, I will let you know!

I am writing a comic horror radio play for DG’s End of Play program in April, and am in negotiations for several radio productions. Stay tuned!

Back to the Page!

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After over a year of illness, surgeries, and a difficult reloaction, Devon Ellington is back to the page! Information on upcoming plays, articles, short stories, and more importantly, new release dates for the variouos series coming soon.

Thank you to the wonderful readers for support and patience.