I’ve been so lucky to be included in some wonderful anthologies over the years. Here are some of them:


The essays
“Other People’s Kitchens”
“Wooden Spoons”
“The Thanksgiving Box”
“The Good China”
“Alphabet Soup”
under the Christiane Van de Velde name appear in Susanna Seton’s anthology Simple Pleasures of the Kitchen, available in bookstores and digitally

Amazon Link here.

My steampunk short story “Loyalty Strata” featuring dirigible Captain Tamllyn O’Hara is in the above collection put out by Visual Adjectives. Buy link information here.

Perfectly Plum

My essay “Exploding the Myth of the Jersey Girl” (by Devon Ellington) is included in this must-have for any lover of Stephanie Plum.

Amazon link here.



My essay in included in this collection of essays about Anita Blake.

Amazon Link here.


Horror, mystery, fantasy and more! So many ways to die . . .

My science fiction/mystery hybrid “Sea Diamond” featuring the kick-ass Fiona Steele, is included in this terrific anthology. Amazon link here.