An enchanting cliffside city who welcomes misfits and magicians.  A pansexual sheriff from a lineaged magical family, whose mother is the latest Oracle. A growing threat of murder, dangerous ritual, and anti-magic terrorists hanging over the city, and, by extension, the kingdom.

Welcome to Legerdemain.

Legerdemain welcomes artists, magicians, questors, and those clever at sleight-of-hand. Legerdemain’s Fathomless Library is powerful in a kingdom where books are re-scribed to keep them alive, and book burning is punished with death. But when ritual objects vanish from the temples as dead bodies appear over the city, Sheriff Shelley Magnus-Grantone and her newly assigned Inspector Fletcher Bain race against the waxing triple moons to stop both the magical  killers and an anti-magic terrorist organization.

Welcome to Legerdemain: A city of magic, misfits, and murder.

Legerdemain began running on Kindle Vella on July 28, 2022. It is an open-ended serial mixing mystery, fantasy, and often dark humor. New episodes drop on Tuesdays and Thursdays. (Apologies to my internaitonal friends; we all hope Kindle Vella will reach beyond the US soon).

The direct link to the serial page on Kindle Vella is here.

However, Legerdemain has so much going on that it doesn’t all fit into the serial itself. Legerdemain has its own website here. That site is updated often with fun facts and extras around the serial.


A devil calls in a marker, forcing witch Lianna Maplethorpe to hunt a renegade angel. It gets even more complicated and dangerous when the renegade turns out to be Lianna’s own Guardian Angel, who she believed abandoned her. As magical conflicts escalate in 2004’s New York City between differing factions, deeper and darker magic than Lianna has ever faced force her to grow – or die.

Urban Fantasy set in a slightly alt-New York City, beginning in 2004.

This is a finite serial, which begins its run on Kindle Vella on January 25, 2023. New episodes drop Wednesdays and Fridays.

A slightly different version of the early episodes of ANGEL HUNT ran on a subscription site in the early 2000’s.

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