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After over a year of illness, surgeries, and a difficult reloaction, Devon Ellington is back to the page! Information on upcoming plays, articles, short stories, and more importantly, new release dates for the variouos series coming soon.

Thank you to the wonderful readers for support and patience.

Just Jump In and Fly!

Samantha Wright has a problem. The attractive Kris Teague crash- landed his sleigh and eight not-so-tiny reindeer in her driveway. His uncle Nick happens to be THAT Nick – as in Claus – and they need Samantha Wright’s help to turn back the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse at one of the Universal Gates not only to save Christmas, but keep Earth turning. A fresh, romantic comedy turn on Yuletide myths and traditions!

A novelette of just over 10,000 words, this is a digital-only re-release, available on multiple digital channels here for only 99 cents!

A slightly different edition was originally released on Smashwords.

99 cent sale!

The following books are on sale for only 99 cents until April 30:

PLAYING THE ANGLES (Coventina Circle #1)

SAVASANA AT SEA (Nautical Namaste #1)

TRACKING MEDUSA (Gwen Finnegan Mysteries #1)

Links are on the Series page. Enjoy!


Due to health issues, there will be a delay in the release of THE BALTHAZAAR TREASURE (Gwen Finnegan #2) and there may be a delay in the release of DAVY JONES DHARMA (Nautical Namaste #2, as Ava Dunne).

Stay tuned for updates.

30 Tips for 30 Days 3rd Edition Now Available!

30 Tips for 30 Days: Kick Start Your Novel and Get Out of Your Own Way. A Guide for Nano and Beyond. 3rd Edition.

While technically not a Topic Workbook, 30 TIPS fits in the “help for writers” category. This little download started as daily emails to writers I mentored during National Novel Writing Month. It’s now a free download on multiple digital channels. If you didn’t start on Nov. 1, you can name any day you wish as “Day 1” and work from there.

Available on multiple digital channels free here.