Topic Workbooks

Topic Workbooks

What’s a Topic Workbook? It’s a short, digital handbook, often created from workshops I’ve taught all over the world. Each Workbook covers a specific topic. There are exercises, resources, and tips to help you in that topic.

Work through the “workbook” at your own pace, and then keep it as a handy reference!

They’re priced to be budget-friendly, and are available on Smashwords. The Devon Ellington page on Smashwords will lead you to the individual workbooks, or you can browse them here.

More will be added as they are released.


This Topic Workbook, based on Devon Ellington’s popular seminar, takes the writer step-by-step through creating and maintaining an organized submission system. Too many writers miss opportunities because it takes too long to pull together all the parts! Don’t be one of them! Learn how to efficiently create submission logs, query letter templates, bio paragraphs, clip files, resumes, portfolios, media kits, and more for a more organized, more productive writing life. Updated to include more information on social media and scripts.

This is the most popular of the Topic Workbooks, and helps you set up your submission packets as you complete projects, so it takes only minutes to send a package when you query and/or submit.

The THIRD EDITION of this book is on its way. New buy links available soon on August 3rd.



Fictional worlds, even based on real locations, require consistency. Writing a series involves multiple drafts and changing ideas. A Series Bible will help you keep details straight, allowing you to keep your flow of character quirks and setting details that your readers will always catch. Topics, exercises, and resources included.

Based on Devon Ellington’s popular seminar.

Available on Smashwords here for $2.99.




Unfinished projects drain creative energy. This Topic Workbook, based on Devon Ellington’s popular workshop, will take you step-by-step through each unfinished project and decide if it’s worth reviving, putting in stasis, or laying to rest, once and for all. Complete strong work, solve problems that got you stuck in the first place and turn it into something workable, and let go of projects that have outlived their purpose. Learn how to work revived projects into the schedule, and how to revisit shelved projects in the future to see if they are worth reviving. The workbook contains exercises and resources for writers at every level of their careers, and can be used again and again.

Available from Smashwords for $2.99 here.




There’s no such thing as “no time to write”. Learn how to analyze your blocks of time and manage them wisely to get your writing done while still having a quality of life. Topics, exercises, and resources, based on Devon Ellington’s popular workshops.

Available from Smashwords for $2.99 here.



This Topic Workbook will help you create exciting antagonists that truly challenge the protagonists in your work, creating interesting, exciting, complex characters. Learn how to create the antagonist’s circle and develop the antagonist as a fully-developed individual, not an idea or a cipher. Combination of topics, exercises, and examples that you can re-visit with every story.

Available from Smashwords for $1.99 here.



Kick-start your creativity with short stories, found inspirations, sensory detail, and rituals. Includes updated versions of 5 in 10, Sensory Perceptions, Writing Rituals, the Infamous Tip Sheets, and more.

Some days we feel about as creative as wilted lettuce. When that’s the case, turn to Creative Stimulus and work your way through the various exercises. The shorter form of the exercise will help boost your creativity in long work and refresh your creative experience. Learn to go deeper into found inspirations and use the senses to create fuller, more complex, interesting, and detailed words for your readers. Find fresh focus with rituals designed to center and stimulate your creative impulses. Refer to the Tip Sheets for ideas on dialogue, tags, paragraph structure, transitions, how to make internal cuts, and more.

Based on Devon Ellington’s popular workshops, this book combines some of her best in one volume you’ll return to for years.

Available from Smashwords for $3.99 here.


30 Tips for 30 Days: Kick Start Your Novel and Get Out of Your Own Way. A Guide for Nano and Beyond. 3rd Edition.

While technically not a Topic Workbook, 30 TIPS fits in the “help for writers” category. This little download started as daily emails to writers I mentored during National Novel Writing Month. It’s now a free download on multiple digital channels. If you didn’t start on Nov. 1, you can name any day you wish as “Day 1” and work from there.

Available on multiple digital channels free here.