Short Stories

This page will be updated, over the next few months, as I add links to previously published stories, as well as posting links and information about newer pieces. Enjoy!

“The Forest Library” (as Devon Ellington)

Three young girls escape the destruction of their village by entering a mysterious forest, where they encounter an even more mysterious — and protective — library.

Published by Does It Have Pockets? in December, 2023. Short story.

Read the story here.


“Lavender” (as Devon Ellington)

An encounter between a man and a woman in a garden filled with lavender has unexpected consequences for both of them.

Published by Flash Frontier in their October 2023 issue “Garden” inspired by the work of Katherine Mansfield. “Lavender” was inspired by a phrase in “The Garden Party.” Micro-fiction.

Read the story here. The link takes you to the issue. Click “Devon Ellington” in the contents to reach the story itself.