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The Coventina Circle Series
Paranormal Romantic Suspense
(as Devon Ellington)

The Coventina Circle is a (fictional) urban coven set in twenty-first century New York City, and the backdrop for the Coventina Circle Paranormal Romantic Suspense novels by Devon Ellington. They are published by Bluestockings and Gentlemen Press.

Visit the Coventina Circle website for excerpts, behind-the-scenes material on the circle and on inspirations and reference material for the novels.

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Witchcraft, politics, and theatre collide as Morag D’Anneville and Secret Service agent Simon Keane fight to protect the Vice President of the United States — or is it Morag who needs Simon’s protection more than the VP?

Witch and theatre professional Morag D’Anneville is annoyed when she’s assigned to dress the conservative Vice President as he makes a surprise appearance in his favorite Broadway show. Even more irritating, she has to teach Agent Simon Keane, part of the security detail, the backstage ropes in preparation. A strong attraction flares between them which they both recognize is doomed, and Simon must also fight his superior’s prejudice that Morag’s beliefs make her a threat to the Vice President. When Morag is attacked, Simon’s loyalties are torn between protecting the man he’s sworn to protect, and protecting the woman he loves.

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Bonnie Chencko knows books change lives. But she never expected her life to change because she happened to duck into a small bookshop in Greenwich Village on a rainy late November night. She’s attracted to Rufus Van Dijk, the mysterious man who owns the bookshop in his ancestors’ building. A building filled with family ghosts, who are mysteriously disappearing. It’s up to Bonnie and her burgeoning Craft powers to rescue the spirits before their souls are lost forever.

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Amanda Breck’s complicated life gets more convoluted when she finds the body of Lena Morgan in Central Park, identical to Amanda’s dream.  Detective Phineas Regan is one case away from retirement; the last thing he needs is a murder case tinged by the occult. The seeds of their attraction were planted months ago, when Phineas investigated an attack on Amanda’s friend Morag. Now, fate is determined to draw them close. But can they work together to stop a wily, vicious killer, or will the murderer destroy them both?

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Lesley Chase fought her way free from an abusive marriage, thanks to Coventina Circle. After her ex-husband’s murder, she took a sabbatical to study yoga, meditation, and dreamwalking in Costa Rica. A passionate affair with Sam Pierce helped her self-confidence and healing, but she insisted they break all contact when she returned to New York. She’s stunned when she runs into Sam, who has an office in the same building as her therapist. He convinces her it’s just a weird coincidence, and he won’t try to rekindle their passion. But when Lesley’s dreamwalking crosses into dangerous territory, and her ex-husband starts stalking her from beyond the grave, Sam is determined to set her free, once and for all. Of course, Sam has a few dark secrets of his own, on both sides of the veil . . .

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The Nautical Namaste Mysteries
Not-Quite-Cozy Mysteries
(as Ava Dunne)

Smart. Intelligent. Sexy. Funny. Compassionate. Ex-event planner/current yoga instructor Sophie Batchelder is all these things and doesn’t realize it, especially after her studio abruptly fires her and her fiancé dumps her for her nemesis. Accepting a job on a cruise ship when their yoga instructor dies during the cruise, Sophie embarks on a new chapter of self-discovery in every way, encompassing comedy, romance, and mystery. Discovering that her predecessor’s death was murder and not an accident sets her off to find out why.

The series of contemporary mysteries salutes the cozy while breaking ever-tightening formula, and takes Sophie around the world on the Diamond Charisma, a luxury cruise ship. Her relationship with ex-cop Sebastian Anger, now one of the ship’s engineers after his own life crisis, grows, along with friendships and rivalries among the different factions. Names, eyes, and living the path of yoga are important to Sophie, and, therefore, constantly challenged. Plot-wise, each book stands alone, while the emotional arcs of their relationship and character growth evolves from book-to-book. They are published by Bluestockings and Gentlemen Press.

Visit the Nautical Namaste website to read excerpts, meet the passengers, meet the crew, and find out more information about the inspirations behind the novels.

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Smart. Intelligent. Sexy. Yoga Instructor Sophie Batchelder’s wonderful life gets turned upside down when she’s fired from her job and dumped by her fiancé in the same day. Grabbing the opportunity to assist the yoga instructor on a cruise ship headed for the Bahamas for ten days, she discovers her predecessor’s body, and the rumors that she’s taking over in that predecessor’s blackmail operation put her own life in danger. She must use intelligence, humor, and intuition to clear her name and save her own life.

Along the way, she’s swept up in the frenetic, stressful, life that happens beyond the “employees only” door of a cruise ship, and finds romantic possibilities and disappointments. Can she live a yogic path and survive cruise ship life? Which of the sexy new men in her life should she trust — Sebastian Anger, the engineer, who has secrets, but who makes her heart flutter with either pleasure or rage? Andrew, the nurse who goes out of his way to be friendly to her, no matter what the rumors? Or Detective Duncan Cooke, with the limp, the bedroom eyes, and the five o’clock shadow? Or Dhruv, the head of the Charisma’s security, who might have his own agenda to protect the ship at all costs?

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Sophie Batchelder earned her continued contract as the Charisma’s yoga instructor on the Diamond Line. Treasure fever hits passengers and crew alike as a special-event-treasure-hunting cruise sets out to discover enigmatic pirate Dark Annie Hatchett’s sunken treasure, with an additional prize offered by billionaire Alexander Walcott. As treasure hunters, including Sophie’s lover Sebastian, meet increasingly sinister “accidents”, Sophie must use her skills to hunt down the killer. Route: New York – Bermuda.

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The Gwen Finnegan Mysteries
Paranormal Archaeological Mysteries
(as Devon Ellington)

Meet Dr. Gwen Finnegan — six PhDs, dedicated to archaeology, mythology, history and more — who is also a practicing witch. Follow her adventures as she learns there’s more beneath the surface than old bones and pottery shards, and as her relationship with the younger researcher, Justin Yates, evolves. The series is published by Bluestockings and Gentlemen Press.

Visit the Gwen Finnegan Mysteries website for excerpts, location photos, and behind-the-scenes material relevant to the novels.

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The re-animation of a goddess. A well-known archaeologist hunting down her lover’s murderer. An historical researcher getting his first chance to prove himself in the field. These elements combine in a thrilling paranormal mystery/adventure/urban fantasy filled with history, witchcraft, long-ranging betrayals, and growing attraction through New York, Scotland, and the Mediterranean as warring factions track the statue known as “The Medusa.” An urban fantasy/paranormal mystery combination of NATIONAL TREASURE meets Preston & Child with a dash of FRINGE.

Archaeologist Dr. Gwen Finnegan is on the hunt for her lover’s killer. Historical researcher Justin Yates bumps into her, literally, on the steps of the New York Public Library, and comes to her aid when she’s attacked, sparking an attraction between them in spite of their age difference. After avoiding a cadre of pursuers at the Met Museum, Gwen impulsively invites Justin to hop a plane with her to the UK. The shy historian, frustrated with his failing relationship, jumps at the chance to join her on a real adventure. That adventure takes them through Europe, pursued by factions including Gwen’s ex-lover and nemesis, Karl, as they try to unspool fact from fiction in a multi-generational obsession with a statue of the goddess Medusa.

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MYTH & INTERPRETATION (A Between the Books Novella)

Stuck in NYC when plans for their next expedition fall through, Gwen and Justin accept teaching jobs at different local universities. Adjusting to their day-to-day relationship, and juggling the academic and emotional demands of their students, they are embroiled in two different, disturbing, paranormal situations that have more than one unusual crossing point. Can they work together to find the answers? Or are new temptations too much to resist? For whom are they willing to put their lives on the line?

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An expedition to excavate pirate’s treasure off the Bahamian coast lures Gwen and Justin away from New York. Members of the expedition have either quit or vanished, and the leaders want Gwen and Justin to get at the truth as much as help unearth the treasure. Gwen’s past causes obstacles once again, both with a friend-turned-enemy on the expedition and when Karl faces a life-threatening crisis in New York. Justin finds himself courted both personally and professionally on multiple fronts. Not only is their relationship tested, but their lives are at risk unless they can discern which threats are paranormal and which are a much more deadly human.


The Jain Lazarus Adventures
Urban Fantasy/Adventure
(as Devon Ellington)

Follow hex breaker Jain Lazarus as she handles paranormal abnormalities in the world.

Visit the Hex Breaker website for excerpts, information on related short stories, and more. This series is moving publishers.  Stay tuned for information on the relaunch!

Hex Breaker Jain Lazarus joins the crew of a cursed film, hoping to put to rest what was stirred up before more people die and the film is lost. Tough, practical detective Wyatt East becomes her unlikely ally and lover on an adventure fighting zombies, ceremonial magicians, the town wife-beater, the messenger of the gods, and their own pasts.


Detective Wyatt East finds himself the primary suspect when hex breaker Jain Lazarus disappears after their romantic weekend in Vermont. In spite of the suspicions, Jain’s boss, Maitland Stiles, hires Wyatt to track her down, forcing him to face aspects of his own painful past and revealing more about hers.

Saddled with two rebellious runaway paranormal teens, he’s embroiled in a shapeshifter pack disagreement, and must learn to work with both a caustic dragon and a cantankerous mermaid to not only find Jain, but help her help an old friend who’s in over his head. Wyatt learns he is not without psychic abilities of his own, although he prefers old-fashioned detective work.


The Nina Bell Mysteries
Comic Retro Mystery
(as Devon Ellington)

Stay tuned for news on this series.


The Twinkle Tavern Short Mysteries
Comic Mystery with Romantic Elements
(as Ava Dunne)

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