Legerdemain’s 150th Episode Goes Live!

Welcome to Legerdemain, a city of magic, misfits, and murder.

Welcome to Legerdemain, a fantasy/mystery serial on Kindle Vella, with new episodes dropping every Tuesday and Thursday. You havev 150 episodes to binge on, with more coming!

Episode 150: Sorting Out the Mess

Shelley starts cleaning up what the portal jumper destroyed.

Legerdemain Serial Link

Legerdemain Web site

If you haven’t yet begun reading it, and enjoy fantasy, mystery, and some odd, often dark humor, I hope you start. The first three episodes remain free. The rest are paid by token. Likes (which you do by clicking the thumbs up icon when you finish reading an episode), Crowns/Faves (which happen when you unlock a specific number of episodes via token) and reviews always help the algorithm.

It’s never too late to join the journey!

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